Q. How can i start purchasing from EWD?

A. Start by sending us an email or message to apply for creating a new wholesale account. Send your resale certificate and other company details and get authenticated in order to gain permit to purchase from us. Once authenticated you can now move on to our website and surf through our hundreds of top selling products, and send us the UPCs of one or more products you wish to purchase from us at MOQ or higher quantity. Wait until confirmed that the product is in stock, once confirmed you will be sent an invoice or multiple invoices according to your requirements and the deal will be carried out along with further interaction among the sales team and you.

Q. Do you guys at EWD ship directly to FBA /Amazon Warehouses?

A. Yes! We definitely ship to FBA or Amazon Warehouses provided all the box labels and shipping labels are shared with us properly.

Q. Do you guys provide FBA packaging?

A. Yes! We provide FBA packaging FREE with the order with no extra added cost to the buyer. This includes, FNSKU labelling, boxes, poly bags, and all other necessary steps required for packaging.

Q. Do you guys have a product spreadsheet or list?

A. Unfortunately, EWD does not provide any spreadsheet or list of products at the moment due to strict company policies. But, all our products along with their UPC's and Prices and other details such as AMAZON links for price comparison are already uploaded and updated everyday on our website. It is very easy to surf through, so we recommend you considering to check out our website for product selection.

Q. I Need X quantity of products but i need them divided into parts for my multiple companies, what do i do?

A. First, choose the product you want to purchase. Then before the invoice is sent to you, send us the details of the companies along with the ratio of products you want us to send to each company. We will send you invoices as per that requirement and once the shipment is ready it will be sent to your warehouses for different companies.

Q. Are the Prices and MOQs on the website negotiable?

A. EWD does not deal or sell at quantities below MOQ. This is to ensure, that our customers who buy from us, are automatically put at a better ecosystem with lesser competition to match their supply. However, there can be exceptions on certain products, so you may ask us about purchasing your required quantity for any product and we will provide you with appropriate information regarding your concern.

Q. How long is does it take for my purchased products to be shipped?

A. After the invoice has been sent to you and you process the payment, we take a day or two to review and confirm the payment. Once the payment is received we start packing your orders. This is when we will ask you for the FNSKU labels and you may send them to us via chat or email. It takes us around 2-3 days to pack your order. Once done we will send you the dimensions using which you can then send us the thermal labels, which when done we will use them and ship the products in the blink of an eye!

Q. Do you provide Ungating Services?

A. No. Unfortunately, we do not provide ungating services or invoices that let you ungate products on Amazon. We suggest you to use Funnel Guru for ungating purposes, the link to which has been placed on our website, under the menu option UNGATING SERVICES.

Q. Do you accept CREDIT CARDS?

A. No. Unfortunately, we do not accept credit card payments at this moment. We do however accept, ACH, ZELLE, and WIRE transfers.